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The fully automatic packaging line can fill the product in 25 kg bags, big bags or in bulk.
SuperChamp uses paper bags (25 kg) with a plastic inner lining which are stacked on a pallet. A pallet has a standard weight of about 1250 kg and a standard net size of 120 x 100 cm. In order to reduce transport costs, it is also possible to stack the pallets higher.

Our big bags are big, solid and hygienic bags. The standard content is 1000 kg and the net size of the pallet is 100 x 100 cm or 120 x 100 cm. The weight in a big bag is also negotiable, together with you, we like to find the perfect solution for your situation.

Finally, SuperChamp can deliver in bulk, which means that your product is unloaded in your silos.
The information on the packaging meets all ISO 22000 requirements in terms of traceability. On customer request, it is possible to mention additional customer or product-specific information on packaging. We do both entry and exit controls on all our supplements. Both the big bags and the 25 kg bags are hygienic and water-repellent.